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            As the peak body we serve a community of funders, social investors and social change agents working to achieve positive social, cultural, environmental and community change by leveraging their financial assets and influence.


            Philanthropy Australia's Response to COVID-19

            Resources and information to help keep your giving on track during COVID-19

            COVID-19 National Funding Platform

            Australian Communities Foundation and Philanthropy Australia have partnered to provide a national funding platform to coordinate the philanthropic response to the COVID-19 pandemic

            How should philanthropy be thinking in response to COVID-19?

            Philanthropy Australia CEO writes about philanthropy's unique potential to respond to COVID-19

            Responding to the Australian Bushfires

            Philanthropy has an integral role to play in changing the way Australia responds to deal with bush fires.

            Latest news

            Apr. 30, 2020 Australian Philanthropy committed to supporting grantees and partners in COVID-19 health crisis

            Several of Australia’s leading philanthropists have signalled their commitment to supporting grantees and partners through the COVID-19 pandemic, as the ongoing health crisis places strain on communities and risks triggering a national cycle of disadvantage and hardship. Read more…

            Apr. 27, 2020 Changes to JobKeeper scheme for charities a positive step forward

            Philanthropy Australia has welcomed the Federal Government’s latest changes to the JobKeeper scheme for charities, which broaden the scope for charities to claim support, as a significant and positive step for the not-for-profit sector. Read more…

            Apr. 27, 2020 Not-for-profits using the ATO’s Business Portal for the first time will need a myGovID

            The ATO is reminding not-for-profits and businesses that are using the ATO’s Business Portal for the first time that they will need a myGovID. Read more…

            More news…

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            Philanthropy and COVID-19

            Philanthropy and COVID-19

            The latest information and resources on COVID-19

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